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Unlove You

Originally posted December 12, 2017. There’s a quote from one of my favorite movies The Perks of Being a Wallflower that states “we accept the love we think we deserve”. Your parents teach you a lot. From you observing how they interact and from lessons they verbally tell you. This one is for the girls dealing with fatherless pain. As a child your dad might have been your knight in shining armour. He might not have been around. He might have been a fantasy. He might have come and gone as he pleased. You may have known him, or you may have no idea who he is. Your father’s character and how he treats you most often reflect when you pick your boyfriend or husband. I watch this show called STAR,

Divorce from SENIORITIS!!!

I'm so close yet so far away. "I may actually reconsider dropping out." "Why is school so hard?" "I'm not even going to use half of this stuff in life." "Why is school so expensive?" "This stress is not worth it." "Why is school so important?" "I'd be better off just going straight into the work force." "Why is school so stressful?" "School is not for me." "Why is school so long?" "I hate school." "Watch me not even work in my field." "Why is school getting harder?" " I do not want to be in debt." "Why is school.........." "I'm over it; I give up." How many times have you thought these statements to yourself? Did you share these thoughts with your friends? Or did you keep them inside? Do you

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